the health of your equipment is our specialty

Senzary  unlocks the data trapped in your equipment in remarkable and affordable ways.

Imagine the unimaginable opportunities that arise when that information is available while you can actually do something about it.

75% of IOT projects fail. Why?
BUT WHAT TO DO WITH all this data ?
how to see through the maze?

Equipment owners incur astronomical and unexpected expenses on critical equipment failures without knowing what happened or how to stop the next one.


  • Pre-created industry dashboards to get you up and running quickly.
  • Easily set workflows, thresholds, alarms, and create indicators aligned to KPIs.
  • We can configure all for you. Be up and running in no time.
  • From basic measurements to advanced machine learning with one click. It’s all integrated

Running a business blind is simply not an option. nor it's necessary.

Senzary´s unique integration provides additionally unsupervised, automatic and on-demand Machine Learning, and real-time processing:

  • Hidden pattern recognition
  • Locate unexplained usage
  • On-demand anomaly detection
  • Recognize spending patterns
  • Analyze machine utilization reports

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