SSenzary is an Industrial IoT service provider focused on end-to-end, pre-integrated solutions for everyday problems in industrial environments. Our secure IoTLogIQ technology provides on-demand, real-time, cloud-based data processing, business & advanced analytics, including AI/Machine Learning and anomaly detection solutions.


PowerIQ and RotaryIQ are pre-designed solutions that connect to your machines and power panels without any integration. Just affix the equipment and begin monitoring. Start with as little as one sensor or with one million, works in real-time.

Automatic wireless solution

Easily integrated with any application. can  be customized for any set of sensors.

Real-Time processing

At the Edge and cloud-based Processing, calculations, rules, thresholds, and alarms or events generated instantaneously

Advanced Analytics and Machine learning included

On-demand ACCESS to Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning about your data.

Anomaly Detection technology

Built-in Anomality Detection technologies,  instantly available.


Senzary´s unique integration incorporates on-demand access to business analytics, as well as  unsupervised, automatic Machine Learning.

Real-time processing empowers your management, operational and financial teams to seize the moment and act based on timely information.  Minimize costly repairs,  estimate production, improve supply chain, and much more. :

Hidden pattern recognition

Identify unexplained usage. Find waste.

Connect your assets to your business

Operate from a single pane of glass

Analyze machine utilization. Receive anomaly reports

Rapid ROI & guaranteed improvements

SenzaryStarter Kit

Innovating to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Meet the revolution

We are conscious about the challenge of new ways to do things. This is why we have created the “PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE EVALUATION KIT” ‘.

It’s a RISK-FREE OFFER  for qualified customers. It includes everything to connect  ONE or  TWO machines and 90 days of free services.  If you are not satisfied during the trial period, return the equipment for a full refund. 

We are so convinced that once a company recognizes the benefits and ROI, the real journey begins.

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