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Requirements, sensors, strategies, demos, ideas, data analytics, machine learning, ai, customization, and more.

Smart monitoring

Optimize immediately your machines and detect potential failures as soon as possible.

Real-time processing

Act timely. Not a week too late. Don't fly blind. Partner now with Senzary.

Rich insights

A massive amount of data collection and processing. See new patterns unfold, produce real-time reports, and more.

Rapid ROI

Cost-effective and out of the box apps with no initial development required.


From one to millions of devices, Senzary can handle the job flawlessly.


All data is securely encrypted end-to-end. MQTTs and HTTPS. Can also install the Edge to keep data local.

Indoors or outdoors

With ranges up to 5 miles with our Lora modems or wireless via SIM cards.


One of the most advanced yet cost-effective solutions in the market today.

Condition Based Monitoring & Equipment Usage Analysis


Visualize what is happening down to individual assets. Senzary presents a highly visual, real-time view of any asset in any facility to visualize graphically from anywhere on any connected device.

Historian & Diagnostic Analytics


Analyze and track time-series. You can always go back to correlate data with a production batch or equipment malfunction.

Anomaly Detection, Trends & Predictions


Senzary automatically discovers trends by combining historical data with real-time IoT analytics and machine learning.

Make data-driven maintenance decisions.


Based on the business needs and Security or compliance requirements  we can accommodate your needs.

  • Hosted and fully managed (maintenance, upgrades, and updates) by Senzary.
  • Collect, measure, visualize, process, control, and predict, in just one place, at a very low cost per device.
  • Very high ROI, quick delivery, on-demand services.
  • A combination of cloud-based and private network edge applications.
  • Bad connection locations may need this mode perform collection and transmit to the cloud when connection is available.
  • Also security might force this architecture.
  • A private cloud instance hosted on your own cloud or data center. 
  • Managed by Senzary, or by you, but with localized data and processing.
  • Similar to Paas but embedded in smaller devices. A super-smart processing server embedded in a small device right on your location connected to your machines, PLC’s and other assets.


Some of the industries that have a critical need for Senzary within their process or industry.

hover to uncover

Batch risk of loss is very large compared to solution costs. Ex: beer batch lost to bad water.
Large throughput volume. Handling the amount of data in real-time is very hard, like bottling.
Food and beverage-failure of refrigeration equipment can create a large loss, along with large energy consumption due to misuse. Ex: Open doors on cold rooms.
IoT monitoring where processes affect entire chain upon failure. Ex: conveyor belts.
Companies with sensors not connected and no idea how to process the data.
Applications that need to add IoT sensing and or additional scope to their own features.

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