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RotaryIQ LoraWan Wireless industrial vibration & ultrasound sensor w/ 1yr of service (US915) – Outdoor


This new device for ultrasound, vibrations, 3-axial movement, shock  and humidity, AsystomSentinel Outdoor, is intended specifically to be able to work in harsh environments and in extreme conditions (dust and severe weather in particular)

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Asystom LoraWan vibration and ultrasound industrial predictive maintenance Sensor. One year solution included-  with extension probe (US915)

AsystomSentinel is an intelligent, multi-sensor device that captures and analyzes the signals from equipment and autonomously communicates the results to a secured, private cloud server via wireless LoRa (LongRange) network. It provides real-time status of each monitored equipment and alerts in case of anomalies. All the collected data are available from a visualization platform that can be consulted on all media. The AsystomSentinel device is managed remotely through the same visualization platform.

Featured Highlights:

  • Its integrated vibration and ultrasound sensors allow it to efficiently and accurately detect all kinds of equipment drifts.
  • Its computational capacity enables powerful and reliable analysis.
  • Its miniaturized remote probe allows installation even on a small area, for more precise monitoring.

This device has an extended battery life of over 10 years, using 4 standard AA batteries.


LoRa wireless network (Long Range) through LoRa Gateway (Gateway sold separately) or, as an option, via private or public LoRaWAN.


Vibration analysis :

  •  Typical Bandwidth 1750 Hz
  •  Sampling rate : 4.5 kHz
  •  Full scale range +/- 16g
  •  Typical RMS noise : 7 mg
  •  Nonlinearity : +- 0.5 %

Acoustic analysis:

  •  Typical Bandwidth 70 kHz
  •  Sampling rate : 180 kHz (120 db SPL)
  •  Signal-to-Noise : 64.3 dB
  •  Total Harmonic Distortion : 0.20%

Surface temperature :

  •  -40 °C to + 85 °C
  •  -104°F to + 136°F

Package Includes:

– Asystom device Outdoor Model, with extension probe for North America (US915)

– 1 Year Service access and network subscription

– 1 Year Standard exchange warranty

Technical datasheet:


Asystom device Outdoor model – with extension probe (US915)

Additional information

Weight 0.55 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 5 × 2 in



Lora Class

Type A