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NKE-WATTECO appoints Senzary as its Master Dealer in the USA and Latin America

Nke Watteco,, a French company specializing in the capturing and wireless transmission of industry and environmental data over long-range, low-power radiofrequency networks (LPWAN), announced today its partnership with SENZARY for device integration and distribution of BOB assistant.   BoB ASSISTANT is an innovative wireless device requiring minimal installation that measures and analyzes vibrations to detect abnormal behaviors of industrial machines, with artificial intelligence capable of detecting operating anomalies before a failure occurs. Senzary will be the importer and master distributor into the USA and LATAM of BOB assistant and other Nke-Watteco IoT devices to distributors, resellers, and end-users, and will provide integrators and resellers with all the necessary support to deliver the value of NKE WATTECO products, along with applications and services to provide value-add solutions and expertise when required.Senzary is an Industrial IoT distributor and service provider focused on end-to-end, pre-integrated solutions foreveryday problems in industrial environments. Senzary’s secure IoTLogIQ technology provides real-time dataprocessing, business & advanced analytics, and AI/Machine Learning, enabling their partners to cost-effectivelyaddress any digital transformation project.   BOB Assistant + IOTLogIQ = RotaryIQ – A value-add turnkey predictive maintenance solution for distributors and resellers who don’t manage their IoT platforms to provide plug-and-play Lorawan solutions to machine owners and maintenance managers to quickly achieve maximum visibility into their equipment, along with predictive failure alarms and utilization reports.   Jean-Claude LE BLEISNke Watteco CEO“After the great success experienced by Nke Watteco in Europe, we now want to expand our market footprintinto the USA and Latin America. We are very excited to establish this partnership with Senzary as they smartlycombine several disciplines, namely engineering, industry 4.0, and analytics. Their understanding of industry 4.0and the USA and Latin America marketplace are the ingredients for a great success story as we expand.   ”Eric SchummerSenzary CEO“Technology and innovation are the engines of progress. Organizations that run on these engines realize nowmore than ever that their equipment must become more connected to their businesses to stay competitive.Enabling managers to have early warnings of equipment failure and react on a timely basis will increase theirability to plan for and reduce downtime more effectively, ordering parts based on anticipated needs and avoiding costly repairs. Results? Productivity, positive EBITDA contributions, and safety.”   Press contact: NKE Watteco Senzary: A. marquez +1-866 4000555 [email protected] /
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Asystom and Senzary sign agreement

Asystom and Senzary LLC are delighted to announce an international partnership. Senzary will provide Asystom's #predictivemaintenance technology to distributors, resellers, and end-users, focusing on the #mining#metal#water#pharmaceutical#manufacturing#utilities, and #oilandgas industries of the USA and Latin America (excluding Brazil). Senzary will support specialist resellers in each sector, enabling end-users to optimize their operations, productivity, and sustainability. #industry40 #digitaltransformation #rotatingequipment #innovation #wastemanagement #iot
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